The Main page of which details a general outline of the functions offered by the Saturn NFT website.

Homepage of Saturn
NFT Creator:

Saturn has an advanced platform for creating numerous different types of NFT projects. Clicking the "Create NFTs" button will take you to the Creation page.

NFT Creator Tab
Upgrade System:

Saturn also hosts an "NFT Upgrade" system that allows for CIP-68 "Dynamic" NFT's, which just means the new standard that allows your NFT's metadata to be read and (with permission) changed by smart contracts if desired, allowing for far more flexibility and utility. Clicking the "Upgrade NFTs" button will take you to the NFT upgrade page.

Upgrade System Tab
Image Generator:

Saturn hosts the first (and best) NFT Image generator system in the world. Allowing for several image overlays, variations, and percentages, it is the most flexible option, allowing for many combinations to be created.

Image Generator Tab

Saturn has an incredibly simple yet flexible minting system that allows for a variety of options to be set.

NFT Minting Tab
Payment Gateway:

The Payment gateway of Saturn is very easy to use and user-friendly, supporting the most popular wallets on the Cardano blockchain.

Payment Gateway Tab

The full basic feature set of is finally displayed at the bottom of the page for quick access.

Features Tab

The pricing information is also displayed, giving an accurate description of the service fees.

Pricing Information
The about page further down the website.
About section
The FAQ page.
FAQ section
Finally the footer, detailing various pieces of information about the website.