Upgrade/[NFT Project]/[NFT]
Upgrade/[NFT Project]/[NFT]

This page allows you to upgrade the NFT of an NFT project that you might own.

The side-by-side images show (on the left) what the NFT is currently and (on the right) what the NFT you are upgrading too will be.

Below that is the price it takes to upgrade the NFT to that level.
Page displaying the upgrade section of an NFT

Below the price is the "View conditions" button, clicking this will open a display of all of the potential levels of the NFT of the page.

The display will show (on the left) the NFT in it's current form, followed by a row of all of the potential levels that the NFT can be upgraded into. A star will be present on the level the NFT is currently situated at.

Levels that are "greyed out" are levels that have yet to be unlocked for this particular NFT.

Section displaying what level you want to upgrade too