Sell NFTs
Sell NFTs
This page starts the public minting of the NFT's in your NFT project.
Mint Settings:
Mint settings section allows you to begin the public minting of your NFT project.

The "End Date" input field details the time the Mint will be end and thus when nobody can mint anymore NFT's from your project.

Start Mint section
Mint settings page about to start the mint

When the mint has been started, the button will change from yellow to red and when pressed you can manually end the mint.

End Mint Section
Mint settings page about to end the mint

Once the mint has ended, it can be restarted at anytime, except if the end time has exceeded the lock date.

Restart Mint section
Mint settings page about to restart the mint
Website Mint Button:
Website mint button
The default SaturnNFT mint button

This segment details the various ways you can customize the button on your website to take you to the SaturnNFT mint page for your project. Displayed are the available customization details you can add to your button. By pressing the options below the customization screen you can create the desired result.

Clicking on the final result button in the "Result" section will take you to your NFT project's mint page.

Customized website mint button
A customized version of the SaturnNFT Minting button

Beneath the button customization section is the website code section. When you customize your button the code below will change to match, from there you can hit the "Copy Code to Clipboard" button and paste the code in your website, which will display the button.

Code for adding customized website mint button to your own website