The main tab of the NFT Project Collections page. This page displays all of the NFT's of an NFT project and contains a navbar allowing for NFT adding, editing, and deleting.

Main NFTs page
Main NFTs page
NFT's can have two "buttons" on them, "Edit" and "Update"
  • Edit: Means an NFT has not been minted yet, and thus when pressed will take you to the NFT "editing" page.
  • Update: Means an NFT has already been minted, and thus pressing such will take you to the NFT "update" page.


Add NFT's: The "Add NFT's" button will add a number of blank NFT's (the number being what is set in the numbers tab to the left of the button) to the NFT project, adding them to the end of the project.

Select NFT's: Allows for the selection of one or more NFT's of the NFT project. Will cause a checkbox to appear in the upper-right hand corner of the NFT's. Clicking an NFT while in "Select NFT's" mode will cause the checkbox to be checker or unchecked. (Note, minted NFT's cannot be selected, as they are already "Out there" and can no longer be deleted).

NFTs page with NFT selection on
NFT page with "Select NFTs" button pressed

Delete NFT's: Button will delete all of the selected NFT's (only appears in "Select NFT's" mode). Deleting NFT's will cause the other NFT's to shift and take their place.

Post deletion of previously selected NFTs
Post deletion of previously selected NFTs

Show Adv: Shows the advanced Navbar, which offers more options.

Advanced Navbar:
Advanced Navbar showing on NFTs page

Delete all NFT's: Deletes all of the NFT's in the project that have not been minted yet.

Auto Name: Will automatically name the NFT's of a project with a formula of: "NFT #1", "NFT #2", "NFT #3", etc.

Download Metadata: This button will create metadata Json files of the current NFT projects NFTs and start the download of them. These can later be re-uploaded into an NFT project.