Edit NFT
Edit NFT

The edit page of an NFT that has not yet been minted. Offers various options to edit the NFT which are saved by clicking the "Save" button below.

Edit NFT page
Metadata section

This section details basic Metadata of the NFT itself, showing the Policy ID, the Asset Name, the Name, the Image Address, and the Media Type of the image. "Name" and "Asset Name" can be edited in the input field here.

The left side of the section displays the current NFT image as displayed.
All NFT Files:
All NFT Files section

This section allows you to add more files to an NFT, including more pictures, and even non-image files (such as a json file, or a text document, or nearly anything else).

Properties section

This section allows you to add properties to your NFT, which will be encoded into it's metadata. You can click the "Add Property" button to add a new input field for the new property, or the delete button on the right side of each property in order to delete it.

The left input field will be the name of the property, and the right side will be the value itself.