Image Generator
Image Generator

Image Generation page, allows for the creation of procedurally generated layers to create numerous image combinations.

Empty Generate Image page
Empty Image Generator window

Layer: Allows for layering of images atop one another in order to generate different results from image mixing. Layers can be "drag-and-dropped" so the order in which the images are layered is properly chosen.

Adding layers to generate image page

Traits: For each layer a number of traits can be added, these will be the images that are varied amongst each layer. With each trait a percentage of it's appearance can be set, so you can make some traits for each layer rarer than others.

Traits for each layer

You can then upload the images for each trait for the layer using the "Upload Image" section under the "Variations" tab

Traits with uploaded images

On top of that, you can assign variations to each trait, and then set their percentages as well. Let's add "Shiny" variants to the purple blob that will appear 10% of the time.

Traits with percentages

We can apply this same variation to each "trait" thus allowing for a wide variety of differences between the traits as well as the layers


You can click the "Preview" button to display a random NFT that would be generated from this collection. 10 planetary background have been added to the "Background" layer, and a small blob has been added to the "Small Blobs" layer, let's preview and get an example of the potential collection. (Note, because the layer with the lowest number appears in the "back", the layers had to have their orders reversed, easily done with the dragging functionality of it)

Preview area

Finally, we select "Generate" in order to have our NFT's generated. This will create for us a downloaded folder of the amount of random combinations of the NFT's you wanted based on your specifications, including the images, and metadata's.