This page deals with the creation of whitelists for your NFT project, various types of whitelists are available each with several options to be outlined below.

Whitelist Page
An example of two different whitelists

Add Whitelist: Adds a new whitelist to the project for you to fill out.

Save Whitelists: On click, saves the current state of whitelists to your NFT project.

Whitelist Forum:
Whitelist basic section

Whitelist Name: The name of the particular whitelist.

NFT Amount: The amount of NFT's an address on this whitelist is allowed to mint.

Whitelist Price: The price in ADA that each NFT minted from this whitelist will cost.

"Use Advanced Pricing": If selected, will offer the chance to charge a specific token as price for an NFT.

Advanced Pricing:
Whitelist advanced pricing

"Allow Ada Payment": Allows a person to use Ada as payment for an NFT.

Token full name: A Token's Full Name is the PolicyId + the Asset Name. For example, The Ape Society's $society has this Token Full Name: 25f0fc240e91bd95dcdaebd2ba7713fc5168ac77234a3d79449fc20c534f4349455459.

Token Price: How much each NFT costs if bought with the token.

"Allow Token Payment": Allows a person to use the token as payment for an NFT.

Whitelist Start Time:
Whitelist start time section

A whitelist start time of 3 hours and 15 minutes after the mint starts

The whitelist start time is the number of hours and minutes the whitelist will be active for after the start of the Mint. Selecting 0 hours and 0 minutes will have the whitelist active immediately after the mint starts.

Whitelist Type:
Static Whitelist:
Static Whitelist section

A Static whitelist allows any number of set addresses to be qualified to mint by it's rules.

Upload Whitelist: This area allows a person to upload a batch of Cardano Addresses directly into the whitelist, which will then be added as address slots below.

Download Example Whitelist: This button will allow you to download a CSV file that details the proper format for uploading a batch of addresses into the upload whitelist section.

Whitelist Spots: Input fields where addresses can be directly added to the whitelist. "Add Spot" will generate a new spot where an address can be added, and the red "-" button will delete that address.

Dynamic Whitelist:
Dynamic Whitelist section

Dynamic Whitelist functions to allow any address that possesses a set number of NFT's of a specific policy ID to be eligible for this whitelist.

In the "Policy Id" field you enter the policy ID of the NFT's an address must hold in order to be eligible for this whitelist.

In the "Required Owned Amount" field you specify how many NFT's of a particular policy ID an address needs in order to be eligible.

Note: a wallet that possesses a multiplier of the needed amount can use the whitelist that many times. i.e. if a whitelist allows you to mint 3 NFT's if you have 2 NFT's of policy id "123", and your wallet has 4 NFT's of policy id "123", then you would be able to mint 6 NFT's.

Public Mint:

This section details the time, from the start of pressing the "Start Mint" button, that the public mint will start (the time where anyone can start minting the NFT's of your project).

Public mint start time section

With this rule in place, the public mint will be started 5 hours and 30 minutes after the "Start Mint" button is pressed